Dee Jackson



photo-4Growing up in the small town of Jonesboro, Louisiana, twenty-year-old Devontre’ ‘Dee Jackson’ Jackson has always been inspired by music. Dee started making music at the age of 10, and with the death of his grandmother at the early age of 11, he was encouraged to keep making music. Shortly after his grandmother died, his mother passed away which led him to move in with his father in Grambling, Louisiana. After the death of both his mother and grandmother, Dee got deeper into his music. After making a couple of CDs, he finally started getting noticed in Grambling and its surrounding areas.

Dee attended Grambling High School. While in high school, aside from making music, he also played basketball. With the school behind him, he made a song for his basketball team called “G-Town”. His first hit was “I Got It On Lock”, which spread throughout the town of Grambling. Being that the song was a hit, Dee was encouraged to start making videos. His first video was to the song, “I Gotta’ Get It”. His first hit video was to the photo-5song, “Wildin’ Out”, which received a lot of views via YouTube. After high school, Dee attended Grambling State University where he started to become a “stand-out” artist along-side childhood friends LaTre’ and Rocko who all formed the music group “Astro Gang”. Grambling really embraced the “Astro Gang” and stood behind them.

When asked “What inspires you to keep making music at this point in your life?”, Dee replies with, “I do it all for my little brother Tre.” Dee wants to keep making music as he continues to go on with his life. He now is a student at Grambling State University, majoring in business management. He plans on becoming a successful CEO of his own music label in his distant future.