MVGVZINE QJacquez (Mvgvzine Q) Coleman Born March 10th 1992. Born in the small town Greenwood, Mississippi, then moved to Indianapolis, Indiana at the young age of 1. He grew up on the far eastside of this town known as 42nd and Post. When Jacquez was around the Age of 16 he moved down south to the City of Shreveport, LA. Growing up he had broad band of musically talents played around him from early R&B to Early and New Hip Hop, also a lot of Blues. Both His parents where from Mississippi so they listen to both southern n west and east coast artist. His Mother would tell you until he was about 18 he was a very troubled youth. When he was elementary he was very outspoken and angry so his teach put him in a performing arts program which he took on poetry n feel in love from that day on. He didn’t really start writing music until he moved to the south. One of his friends persuade him to take is poetry and place it on a instrumental. From that day on he was focused on Music he promised himself he would do this as a career. In High School and few years At Grambling State he was always considered one of the more fashionable guys, so he took that and ran with it. He compares his music to a mix of Old school southern music mixed with the east/west coast lyrics. He also is branching out to hopefully one day becoming a stylist and studio engineering.


Twitter: @mvgvzine
Instagram: @mvgvzine

Mvgvzine Q – Texas Tea Ft Mook

Mvgvzine Q – Already Famous