Krazie Boy



Leroy Clark, (born October 3, 1988) better known by his stage name as Krazie Boy, a local Hip-Hop Artist/Songwriter from his home town of Alexandria, LA.

Since 1996 to the present, Krazie Boy has accomplished task from school talents shows to performances in locals clubs and radio show interviews and online blogs.

Krazie Boy starred as a guest appearance on the “Lee Lee Arthur Show Case” with Ms. Celeta McCall and also a part of her online blog talk, Destiny Empowerment/Hip-Hop is my destiny blog radio with Rakita Johnson . He has also performed at one of the newest clubs in his home town “Club Bayou” (now under new management) where he has performed numerous times. He has also performed for parties at the “Guesthouse Inn”, Club Cocomos, frosty factory (swagga city fest) twice in Alexandria, Louisiana, “Club Infest” in Austin, TX and the list goes on. While off the scenes with his music, Krazie Boy has appeared in various hot mixtapes such as: “Feed the Streets Vol. 4” hosted by DJ Jay Rock, DJ Swamp Izzo, DJ Scream, local collab mixtape with T-Lamp “I’m out Chere Vol. 2&3” also hosted by DJ Jay Rock and Swap Izzo and his own project “Mentality of a Superstar” located on and his newest project that has been released online and out in the streets titled “Black Mamba”(The Rap Edition vol.1)

He wants to through his music, achieve becoming on overall successful music artist and writer. But most important making his city a better place, reducing crime in youth, reduce poverty and give back to his community. Krazie Boy is an artist who is striving for better and continuously aiming for perfection!



Twitter Name: @Krazieboy_318
Instagram: @official_krazieboy

Krazie Boy – Walk Away