Alexzandria Steele


Height: 4’10”
Weight: 104 lbs
Bust: 36B”
Hips: 26″
Dress: 0
Shoe: 3


My name is Alee Niccole [Al-i] Florida raised but ripping the streets of Orlando Florida with my curls, I’m a lover, model, dreamer, believer, Dominican. I’m only 19 years old. I’m a Leo baby (8/19), literally to your elbow 4’10”. I’m an upcoming streetwear model for clothing lines, products, magazines etc. I’m also the face for a new Boutique called Civilized Savage boutique by Sharieka Savage, in Orlando .That’s my goal, to model for urban clothing companies along with being sexy and tiny. I’ve been modeling for about 4 years now. I got my start in Tampa Florida, my hometown. I started off doing urban ballet shoots, with my now manager Ashley Williams owner of Lionsroam photography in Tampa Florida. I went to a performing arts school for ballet. As of now, I am a student studying Education and Psychology. I have also been given the opportunity to work with many photographers in Orlando, like Monhand Works. He gave me my first shoot out here. My goal is to make modeling my full time occupation so I’m starting young. My photos symbolize me and who I am as a whole. I want people to look at my photos and say “oh she’s just like me” or ” she’s skinny and small just like I am “. My confidence is everything and I plan on using my confidence to get me to where I want to go. It’s okay to be yourself and you don’t need pounds of makeup and weave down to your ankles to do that, that’s my trademark! I’m just a small girl chasing my dreams with all I got.

Jah bless, Alee Niccole.